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DIABETES is a global disease that preoccupies worldwide governments

There are 425 million people with diabetes in the World. Studies estimate that there will be 629 million people with diabetes in the World around 2045. See more . Two-thirds are adults in the working age.

Only in Europe there are about 60 million people with diabetes, nearly 8% of the European population. Prevalence of diabetes is increasing among all ages in the European included, mostly due to increases in overweight and obesity, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity. There is a relevant support to the patients, including in the educational strand. However, there is a point that education did not reach yet, which is the relationship between FOOTWEAR and the DIABETIC FOOT CONTROL.

The project is focused on the RELATIONSHIP between the DIABETIC FOOT CONTROL and the ADEQUACY OF THE FOOTWEAR, which will impact at various levels:

  • enhancement of the knowledge and skills of footwear companies and their technicians, health and shoe retails sectors, the patients and their relatives and educators;
  • arise of educational opportunities for all;
  • modernization of VET, including innovative dedicated training and curricula up-taking of curriculum on Diabetic Foot Control through adequate Footwear;
  • increasing of the quality life standards of the diabetic population;
  • the potentiation of results from research and development initiatives on the field, into training/development.

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The project addresses the real lack in terms of knowledge and skills on Diabetic Foot Control of:

Footwear technicians, Designers and Managers, reflecting on the manufacturing strategies to produce appropriate footwear.

Health Technicians, Shoe-shop Assistants, regarding capacity for advice, interpret and implement medical prescriptions on the adequate footwear to address to each case, accompanying the patients/consumers.

Patients, their Families, Educators, informal Caregivers, and everyone who can contribute to the better life of the patients.

Objectives and expected impact

Objectives and expected impact

Increase of knowledge on Diabetic Foot Control through the adequate footwear in several target groups that deal or might deal with this subject, whether being directly affected by Diabetes, or being a relative, an educator, or in contact with the disease, being an health technician or a shoe-shop assistant or specially being a key-staff of footwear manufacturers who seeks the opportunity to improve/differentiate their products toward a better life of those who have special requirements in this domain.

Development of digital competences in a learning context, in a wide range of population taking as a subject this important and influencing issue in the public health. The expected digital upskill will achieve a visible impact due to the wide slice of population who is directly or indirectly affected by Diabetes and so responding to the moto of the project.

Development of new curricula based on the knowledge on Diabetic Foot Control through adequate Footwear, toward the footwear manufacturers key-staff, namely designers, technicians, managers within several qualifications in the Sectoral National Qualification Frameworks in each country involved. All this will contribute for the enhancement of the correspondent European Qualification Framework at sectorial level, the increase of the quality of Education/Training, the employability of the active population in these sectors.

Potentiation of the already existing knowledge mostly developed within Research and Innovation projects, on Diabetic Foot Control and relationship with Footwear, and the footwear manufacturing feature to promote adequate products to the envisaged target-group.


The project will produce 3 digital educational packages

to 3 different groups in 6 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, German, Romanian, Czech, Polish) plus English, as following:

Digital Educational package for Footwear Manufacturers on Footwear Manufacturing for Diabetic Foot Control - a package of a digital-based interactive opened resources on the manufacturing of footwear for the Diabetic Foot Control, oriented to footwear technicians and designers, envisaging to develop knowledge on the diabetic foot and create capacity to articulate manufacturing strategies with the needs of diabetic patients, allowing them to use fashionable footwear but adapted to their special needs.

Digital Educational Package for Health Technicians and Shoe-shop Assistants on adequate Footwear for Diabetic Foot Control - a package of a digital-based interactive opened resources for education on the adequate footwear for the Diabetic Foot Control which also consists in a capacity building tool to help/advise on the choice and/or on the understanding of the medical prescriptions of the most adequate footwear for diabetic foot control regarding each patient situation.

Self-caring digital educational package for Diabetic Foot Control - a package of a digital-based interactive opened resources for the SELF Caring Education on the Diabetic Foot Control, for patients, their families, other relatives, teachers/educators, and all supportive education personnel who are in continue contact with them, all kind of informal caregivers and community in general.

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Lead Partner

Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal
Rua de Fundões - Devesa Velha
3700-121 S. João da Madeira - Portugal

00351 256 830 950
[email protected]

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Confederation Europeenne De L'industrie de la Chaussure Asbl
Rue de la Science 14B, 1040 Bruxelles - Belgium
[email protected]


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